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Take control of your

People data

The modern platform to hire, manage, pay and automate your payroll, employee data, onboarding, offboarding and more

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Designed and localized for the Middle East and North Africa

Team Management

Manage your team’s employment and payroll data in one secure platform.

Team Management


Pay your entire team in multiple currencies and send payslips or contractor invoices.



Review and process team expense reimbursements in any currency.


Time Off

Manage time off policies, review time off requests and track balances all in one place.

Time Off

A local platform to help
you run fast globally

One platform to manage your global team

  • A single, secure source of truth for all team members’ data

  • Compliant hiring and payments for WPS employees, employer of records, and contractors

  • One single monthly payment for all salaries, expense claims, and contractor service fees

Cercli global payroll

Run fully-automated payroll in minutes, stress-free

  • Eliminate the human errors that come with entering data manually and downloading reports to move payroll between systems

  • Avoid fines and stay 100% compliant with local regulations, reporting and tax filings

  • Fully customized reports for your finance teams

Systems that now "speak to each other"

  • Key integrations across HR, Finance, Accounting, Legal and IT

  • Full control of your workflows. No more calendar reminders to send that onboarding email or add a new joiner to Slack

  • The single source of truth for your company's greatest asset – your people

Enterprise Level-Security on a Single Platform

Secure your people data with Cercli's technical, organizational, and physical safeguards

GDPR compliant
Cercli security

About Us

Our purpose is to unlock the true potential of organizations and their people

Our Values

Our values drive the way we hire, the way we make decisions, and the way we build

Wear the customers' shoes

We sit with our users, listen and build around them; their pain is ours

We are efficient with our resources and our time

Do more with less

Be in the details

We get down to the ground and get our hands dirty

Pick up the trash

It's not "someone else's job"

Optimize for the long term

Ask the question: "What if.."

Leverage momentum and a sense of urgency

Speed is our edge

A natural bias for action, execution, and outcome

Impact and customer love are all that matters!

A quick decision is better than no decision

Make. Things. Happen.

We may not be right, but at least we are clear

Launch and always keep iterating

Automation is in our blood and curiosity is in our DNA

Scale through constant tinkering and learning

We push each other to be the best version of ourselves

Unleashing potential in others is a stepping stone to our success

Disagree openly and commit

Speak up, challenge respectfully but then fully buy-in

Assume good intent and trust

We are kind, honest, and considerate in our interactions

Take time to laugh and have fun

Stop and smell the roses

We communicate and collaborate openly

Remove all bridges, brokers, and middlemen

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